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What is the difference between buying a fire extinguisher from department store vs. buying a fire extinguisher through AAA Fire?

A fire extinguisher bought through AAA Fire is a durable steel multi use fire extinguisher. Our fire extinguishers are sold with a one year warranty, a wall mount and an inspection tag good for one year. If your fire extinguisher is used, it can be refilled and used again for many years.  Many extinguishers sold out of stores are one time use extinguishers that cannot be refilled and must be disposed of and replaced after use.

What is a recharge and how can I tell if my fire extinguisher can be recharged?

A recharge is when a fire extinguisher needs to be refilled because it has been used or has lost pressure. You can tell if the unit needs to be recharged by the gauge on your fire extinguisher. The arrow should be pointing to 12 o’clock. If the gauge is in the red and says recharge, it can and needs to be recharged. If the gauge is in the red and reads dispose of after use, the fire extinguisher cannot be recharged and needs to be disposed of and a new fire extinguisher needs to be purchased.

Why do I need to have my fire extinguishers and emergency/exit lighting inspected and how often?

Your fire extinguishers should be inspected per NFPA codes annually by a trained and certified technician to ensure that they work properly, that you have proper coverage for the size of your building and types of hazards in your business, and that your extinguishers are installed properly and have necessary signage. We check your emergency and exit lighting annually to make sure it is illuminated and works properly in the event of a power outage. We have an automatic renewal system to ensure your inspections are done at the same time each year and you are always up to date and within code.

How often does my kitchen suppression system need to be inspected?

Your kitchen fire suppression system should be inspected and the fusible links changed every 6 months per NFPA codes. Fusible links are temperature sensitive devices that activate the fire suppression system when the temperature exceeds the designated link temperature. As with extinguishers and emergency/exit lighting, AAA Fire has an automatic renewal system that ensures your equipment is up to date and within code.

When do my inspection tags expire?

The inspection tags on your fire extinguishers expire one year from the month and year punched on the tag. Automatic fire suppression systems expire 6 months from the date punched on the system tag. This tag provides proof that your equipment was serviced to code by a certified technician in the event that you are inspected by your local authority or insurance company.

What is a 6 year maintenance test?

A 6 year maintenance test is performed every 6 years on dry chemical extinguishers. This required service includes a complete maintenance, tear down, and rebuild of the unit per NFPA codes.

What is a hydrostatic test?

A hydrostatic test is a test required to be done every 5 years on CO2, water and Class K fire extinguishers. Our shop technicians perform this test to make sure the cylinders can hold the pressure that is required to keep the fire extinguisher safe and operational.

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